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What’s going on with the 2Line...

Here we go! The last few months have been a flurry of behind-the-scenes efforts, but we wouldn’t trade a moment! Our single, “October,” is available now!! Check out our Merch Store for the CD and bundles we have for you! We have launched our website store, and it is fully functional! A percentage of our proceeds from “October” and all other merchandise on our store will go to benefit an organization dear to us: Wounded Warriors Family Support. Learn about them here. We have begun our journey for “The October Tribute” which started with our song, and led us to ensure "The Eight" continue to be remembered and honored forever. Through charitable donations and the organization of After Action Jams, we are marching right along! Check out Amylee’s “Bloggity” for more information on the inspiration for “The October Tribute,” where we are at with it, and where we plan on taking it in the future.

Available Now!!!

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The October single is available now for CD and Download. CD version also includes "Talk Me Down"

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The October Tribute is, to us, and to so many others, a labor of love that has become so much more than we expected. Before it was the project of our lives, it was a poem written about the horrific history of October 30, 2004. It has been quite the undertaking and has grown to a level that we couldn't have conceived when we first began. We’re honored to share our song, our video, our tribute to Lance’s Marine brothers and families, and our cause with you. For more information, and to follow our progress, please click here: